Designing Automatic Temperature Measuring Device for Covid-19


  • Felix Hans Universitas Pelita Harapan
  • Agustina Christiani Universitas Pelita Harapan
  • Effendi Soewono Universitas Pelita Harapan
  • Christopher Nata Universitas Pelita Harapan



Automatic temperature measuring device, QFD, Sensor, Wifi


The COVID-19 virus pandemic has changed people’s daily habits. It increases public awareness of health protocol, especially in public places. One of the most common methods to detect Covid-19 is to check the body temperature.  Currently, visitors are required to do a body check temperature with a thermometer gun or a thermal camera before they can enter public places. However, a thermometer gun measurement needs to be done close to the subject, therefore risking the operator from being exposed to the virus. On the other hand, a thermal camera can solve this problem, but it is quite expensive. This study aims to create an alternative for temperature measuring devices that can be connected to the wi-fi, therefore, allowing the temperature measuring devices to be used in large quantities while only monitored by one user. The product design process in this study used the quality function deployment (QFD) method. The House of Quality and parts deployment matrix were developed as the basis for making the concept. Several product concepts were made with the help of a morphological chart. The selected concept was then created and tested to ensure the product can be operated properly. After the product was tested and worked well, the product accuracy was then compared with the accuracy of a thermometer gun. The data from the test were processed with the paired t-test method using the minitab application. From the paired t-test it was found that there was no significant temperature difference between the temperature data gathered from the thermometer gun and from the product.



2022-04-24 — Updated on 2022-04-24